act! for
Real Estate Professionals



In today’s challenging economy, you need a competitive advantage, and act! for Real Estate Professionals can give you just that. Designed for residential real estate professionals, act! for Real Estate Professionals can help you take control of your business and effectively manage your client relationships. Today’s Sales can inundate you with communications, letters and emails. act! is the perfect tool to easily store all interactions. act! for Real Estate Professionals is packed with powerful new features and significant enhancements to areas of the product you use every day. Enjoy new features like the ability to establish relationships between contacts, and enhancements such as tighter integration with Microsoft® Outlook®, better search capabilities, improved database automation, and more! These improvements enable you to work more effectively, be more productive, and better serve your clients.

Leverage Relationships between Your Clients

With the new Related Contacts feature, you can connect contacts to one another and then define the nature of that relationship, plus enter any additional details about the relationship. For instance, you can define relationships between buyers, mortgage brokers, title agents, and home inspectors. So next time you speak with your buyer, you can quickly recall the details of your recent conversation with the home inspector.

Track and Organize E-Mails and Your Schedule

New and improved Outlook integration features allow you to track and organize e-mails in act! en masse or on a case-by-case basis. Or you can automate these functions so you can set them once and forget about them. Calendar integration features enable you to create act! activities from Outlook for tracking important action items received via e-mail, and copy your act! and Outlook calendars automatically or with just one click.

Find the Exact Details You Need

Lookups and search functionality have been streamlined, helping you find the particular client information you need quickly, in one lookup-friendly place. Build the most basic or complex searches using a tool that has been simplified and enhanced. And easily recall recent lookups to save time in your day.

Get More Done in a Day

Productivity enhancements include improved calendar printing and viewing, Dashboard drill-down functionality, a “Yesterday” filter on Task and Opportunity List views, a history icon on the standard act! toolbar, and additional options for alarm reminders. Enjoy Streamlined Installation and Improved Database Functions The act! installation experience has been streamlined, requiring fewer clicks to get started. And act! handles periodic database maintenance tasks automatically, offers automatic scheduling, provides a streamlined act! sync progress bar, and more.